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Manifesting Thought


Owner's Manual



The power of your thought is the perfect and only tool that you need to deliberately paint, sculpt, mold or assemble the life that you desire. It puts you in total control to create on purpose with purpose, not by what may come or whatever happens to you.

The Ownerís Manual for this power tool is simple and easy to understand, but the directions MUST be followed completely and consistently to achieve the desired results.

  1. You donít have to understand how it works to use it.

  2. It works for everyone and thereís no deserving, sacrificing or begging required.

  3. Itís always plugged into Source Energy and ready to go.

  4. It attracts like a magnet.

  5. When the vibrations feel good, you know you're using it correctly.

  6. The more you use it, the better it gets.

  7. Using it to create something BIG takes no more effort than using it to create something small.

  8. You're already using it anyway (whether you know it or not), but with deliberate, intentional use, you can be, do, have or achieve anything your heart desires.

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